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The Philippines has been an exemplary country of migration governance, being the first country to institutionalize labour sending agreements for its nationals. Migration is a cornerstone of the Philippines economy and many families are reliant on Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW). Most OFW, migrate temporarily, meaning that eventually they return and reintegrate with their families and communities.

How it fits with our Research

The Philippines in our 'Origin Country Reintegration Governance' case. In 1995 the Philippines passed the Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipinos Act and in 2011 started the National Reintegration Centre for Overseas Filipino Workers. For the Reintegrate project, the Philippines is an important case study as a leader in migration governance and to understand the place of reintegration within their existing migration governance.

What’s being researched

We will examine how reintegration policies are implemented in the Philippines and how they affect returnees and their families.

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