Migration from Nigeria has been increasing over the past decade including individuals fleeing violence of Boko Harram, individuals seeking better opportunities in Northern African countries, South Africa or Europe, and migrants that become victims of human trafficking. Return migration has increased from these different flows with large numbers of returnees coming from Libya, Niger, and European countries. Return migrants from these contexts are often vulnerable and need reintegration support.

How it fits with our research

Nigeria is considered as a case of 'supranational reintegration governance' in the Reintegrate project. Nigeria implemented a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the Conduct of Return, Readmission and Reintegration of Migrants in Nigeria in 2019. The design and implementation of this process involved the Nigerian government, international organizations, and local organizations. The implementation has been through multi-level governance approaches at the local, state, and national level. This is a unique policy and approach and makes an excellent case for supranational governance in the Reintegrate project.

What’s being researched

The implementation of the SOP for reintegration in Nigeria, how it has been implemented by local actors and how the reintegration support has impacted the reintegration processes of returnees.

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